Richard Pady

Richard Pady is a certified Triathlon Coach, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, and owner of Healthy Results. Rich is a former professional triathlete who has been competing in the sport of triathlon for over 25 years, and has over 16 years of coaching and personal training. Rich has competed in several Triathlon World Championships and has trained with some of the best triathletes in Canada.

Lisa Hogben

Lisa Hogben is a NCCP Adult Triathlon Community Coach and Can Fit Personal Trainer. Lisa has been a recreational runner/triathlete since 2005. She has been a Learn to Run coach with Running Free Orangeville since it's opening in 2011. Lisa's goal is to share her knowledge and experience and create an environment of support and adventure in the world of triathlon.

Jodi McNeill

Jodi McNeill has been an avid runner since 2003. She has run almost every distance out there on both the road and trail including obstacle courses, half and full marathons and Ultra races over 50km.Jodi is the owner of Orangeville Running Free and is a race director with her husband Norm Nadon for Chase the Coyote in beautiful Mono Cliffs. Jodi runs the Start to Run, Half Marathon and Triathlon Clinic at Running Free.

Norm Nadon

Norm Nadon started adventure racing in 2000. Since then he has run most distances on both road and trail, completed marathons, and many 100 mile ultras and an Ironman. Norm also leads the Run and Triathlon Clinics along side Jodi and is Race director and course designer of the well known Chase the Coyote trail race.